Teppanyaki Samurai

Japanese Restaurant located in Puerto Banus, Marbella.

Take pleasure with the best and typical Japanese food made with fresh and healthy ingredients. A delicatessen! 

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Cooking Show

Be surprised with our Cooking Show, a culinary show where our professional chefs prepare food in front of you with the most spectacular show.

Seeing is believing!

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  • Every time I visit Marbella, Teppanyaki Samurai is a vital stop. Great food and place!Marie Williamson / 23.2014
  • Amazing! A true japanese experience in the heart of Marbella.Mike Eriksen / 10.2014
  • Decidimos optar por el Cooking Show. ¡Una de las mejores experiencias de mi vida! Repetiremos.Marta Herrera / 12.2014
  • ¡Una auténtica sorpresa! Comida de 10 y personal de 10.Juan Díaz / 23.2014